Two Gun Salute

Merch & apparel inspired by vintage style, kustom kulture, hot rod, custom motorcycle and traditional tattoo flash


When Sam got his first big bike – a Honda VT750S – he rode straight over to his folks house to show his Dad, who used to ride a Norton back in the day. When it was time to head off, with Dad watching from the driveway, Sam thought to himself “time to give Dad the Two Gun Salute” and he nailed it up the road with the 2 into 2 pipes bellowing away.

The phrase stuck, and Sam started a photo blog under the handle Two Gun Salute to share his photos from trips to bike and car shows in the UK and around Europe.

As the number of trips and photos grew, so did Sam’s desire to get more involved in the custom bike, classic motorcycle and hot rod world.

The idea for a line of vintage and traditional flash inspired casual gear came from many pub based conversations with his brother Nathan, a graphic artist and illustrator who was keen to get involved and lend his creative talents to proceedings. 

The two brothers have been working together as team Two Gun Salute ever since.